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EPC Programs Drive Savings for You

The EPC provides a wide array of programs and services that help member districts save money on purchases and operate more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, and the communities they serve.


Includes:  Athletic Equipment & Supplies, Athletic & Recreational Lighting, Audio Visual Integration, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Copiers & Related Services, Custodial Equipment & Supplies Catalog, Digital Display Solutions, Digital Resources & Instructional Materials, Disaster Recovery Remediation Services, E-Rate Consulting Services, Electric Vehicle Charging, Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring, Health & Wellness, HVAC Systems, Industrial Arts & Career Tech Supplies Catalog, Kitchen Equipment, Lawn & Grounds Keeping Equipment & Supplies, LED Lighting, Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Mobile/Cellular Connectivity Solutions, Office Supply & Equipment, Playground Recreation Structures, Roofing & Related Services, School & Instructional Supply Catalog, Security Solutions, Synthetic & Turf Court Surfaces, Technology Buyback, Technology Catalog, and Vehicles. 

Pricing Period:  March 1, 2024 through February 28, 2025
2024-25 AEPA Brochure 

 Tremco ESSER Funds Video Link
 Explanation on Indoor Air Quality & How it Relates to Federal Funding
 Explanation on EDGAR Certification

Recent AEPA Flyers:
Busch Systems – Waste & Recycling Containers
Capitol Electronics – Panic Badges, Door Monitoring, Active Shooter & Gunshot Detection
Capitol Electronics – Contact Information & References
Hubert – Food Service Equipment
MedicalEshop – Special Needs Furniture & Equipment
Midwest Technology – Career Tech Closeouts
Pitsco – Career Tech Education

Air Filters

Pricing Extension:  Through December 31, 2024 (with zero price changes)

Air Filter Pricing – Contact Robin Houston
Air Filter ordering Overview
Waibel New Customer/Credit Application Form

Contact Christy Fielding with questions or if you need assistance.


Pricing Period:  April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025

Vendor:  AEDVenture

Contact Doug Huffman at 330-903-0880 or

Lifepak CR2 AED Brochure
AED Flyer – April 2024
AED Flyer – Jan 2023
HB47 Flyer – If passed will require placement of AEDs in each school and recreational facility as well as a plan for use and proper training.
HB 47 – Click to view the entire proposed amendment which has been signed by the house so far.  The amended language for AEDs is on pages 10-B, 1 & 2 and on Page 12-B.  
AED Flyer – August 2023


Pricing Period:  July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

2023-24 Audio Visual Catalog

Scott Electric – AV Bulbs  

As a member of the EPC you are also eligible for AEPA Discounts.  This will allow you a general discount on ALL items carried.
We recommend the following AEPA Vendor for Technology Products:  CDW-G 


AEPA Pricing Period:  March 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025

Interface Carpet Tile Price List


Pricing Period:  February 1, 2024 – January 31, 2025

2024-25 Classroom Supplies Pricing (Updated 03/06/24)

Vendor contact information is located on the first tab of the Pricing Spreadsheet

We highly recommend ordering via the vendor websites.  It is easier to use, less work once setup, less errors, saves time, some integrate with your procurement systems and more.

  • If you have never ordered through Acco/GBC, Carolina Biological, Friends Office John R. Green/Kurtz Bros, Nasco or School Specialty’s website you will need to first contact them to get your account properly setup so you see the EPC discounted price when you login.  
  • You will receive an EPC discount off of most items you order through these vendors regardless of if they are on the spreadsheet or not.  *These purchases also go towards your earned EPC Rebates.
  • Our Vendors have created several great resources to assist you with ordering:


Includes:  Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, etc.  (The Custodial items are now included in the Food Service Bid.  Includes:  Chemicals, Paper/Plastics, etc)

Pricing Period:  July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
Contact us for Pricing


Click here to view Overview & Steps to follow
Contact us for link to view complete bid responses

Current Agreements:  September 12, 2023 – September 10, 2024

The EPC has bid Design Build and Performance Contracting Services on behalf of our school district members.  The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) process complies with Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.65 through 153.71 and Chapter 167.  The methodology used will best facilitate and expedite design build and performance contracting services for facility/HVAC improvements on behalf of EPC members.  This process (Ohio Administrative Code section 3318:1-10) waves the competitive bidding process and allows Schools/Public Entities to expedite necessary/critical installations or upgrades to meet short deadlines, expected long lead times for equipment and assure safer buildings. 

Awarded Design Build firms must be able to offer a performance contract process that guarantees the financial and operational performance of the project upgrades that are effective, proven, and measurable strategies. 

We highly recommend that you view the Zoom Recording Introduction Sessions for each vendor below to hear more about them. 

·        Evans Energy – Zoom Introduction, Information Flyer

·        EBEB Solutions – Zoom Introduction, Information Flyer

·        Energy Optimizers, USA – Zoom Introduction, Information Flyer

·       Prodigy Solutions – Zoom Introduction, Information Flyer

·       Tri-Tech – Zoom Introduction, Information Flyer



Pricing Period:  July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Contact for more information.

Alpha & Omega – Germ Stop Disinfection Service.  Penetrexx antimicrobial disinfectants, leaves behind no traditional chemical residue, EPA and FDA registered technology offering up to 30 days of protection to applied surfaces. (Several EPC Member districts have already contracted for this service.)  

Waibel Energy Systems – UV-C Energy to disinfect ventilation systems technology, using shortwave germicidal energy to kill virus, bacteria and germs in mechanical equipment as air passes through it.  Ionization products purify the air throughout the space.  


Includes:  Drug and Alcohol Testing, Physician Exams, Flu Shots, and Hepatitis B Shots.

Pricing Period:  August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024

Drug & Alcohol Testing Pricing, Hours & Locations  


Includes:  Uniform Rental, Facility Services, First Aid/Safety, Fire Protection

Pricing Period:  June 7, 2023 – June 7, 2024

Cintas Introduction, Cintas Flyer
EPC Discounted Pricing


Pricing Period:  July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
Food Products, Paper/Plastics, Custodial/Chemicals, Small Wares, Kitchen Equipment, Produce, Bakery, Dairy & Ice Cream
Contact Bonnie Muckenthaler for pricing & information

Join the EPC Food Service Google Group

EPC Food Service Training & Consulting – Consulting InformationContact Bonnie Muckenthaler


Includes:  Instructional Classroom Furniture, Filing & Storage Cabinets, Furniture Systems, workstations, walls, Executive & Administrative Wood Furniture, Tables & Accessories, Fully upholstered Furniture, Cafeteria, Library, Science, Laboratory & Vocational Furnishings.

Pricing Period:  June 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

Manufacturers Discount Matrix & Contact Information In Excel

Manufacturers Discount Matrix & Contact Information in PDF

List of all the different Manufacturers/Brands that are available and which vendors carry them.  There is also a tab that contains contact information for each vendor listed below.  .

Friends Office
John R. Green/Kurtz Bros
K-Log Inc
School Outfitters
Tom Sexton & Associates        


Includes:  A liability, property & fleet insurance committee has been formed to study the feasibility of pooling districts together in a group program. This is a fully funded program allowing the committee control over the loss fund which represents 27% of premium.

Contact Ken Swink if interested in a quote or if you have any questions.


Pricing Period:  June 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

 Library Book Discounts In Excel
 Library Book Discounts in PDF

Vendors are providing discounts in addition to what they normally made available to school districts. Companies that did not provide additional discounts were rejected by the committee. Listed discounts apply to the vendor’s current catalog prices. Not the publishers list prices.

LED Lighting & Energy Savings Programs


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Medial Supply Pricing in Excel
Medical Supply Pricing in PDF

Please be sure to include your District’s Name and address as well as the Bid Number on your Purchase Orders.  Our vendors have been receiving orders without district information and do not know where to send the orders.  Vendor Contact information and Bid Numbers can be found on the “Vendor Contact” tab of the above Medical Supply Pricing Sheet.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) See Special EPC Pricing above under AED’s.


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

 Paint Pricing:  In PDF Format, In Excel Format


Paper Bid Pricing:  Quarterly Extensions

Please note there are several tabs on the paper pricing spreadsheet.  (Vendor contact information, paper price comparisons, all paper pricing and color options).

Sterling Paper & ODP Business Solutions (Formerly known as Office Depot)

Click here to view Paper Pricing valid May 1, 2024 – June 30, 2024
Please view Vendor Contact tab for important vendor notes on possible freight charges and other notices.

ODP Business Solutions – March 2024 Flyer


Contact Nick Hart of American Bus at or 513-821-3220 (office), 513-374-6225 (cell)

Click here for 2024 Passenger Van Pricing & Information Packet


Colt Walden of Beau Townsend Ford at or 937-264-2126 (office), 937-271-9825 (cell)
Branden Jones of Bob Ross Buick at or 937-637-4994.

Click here for 2024 Pickup Truck Pricing & Information Packet


Click here for link to Register with Public Surplus as an EPC Member
EPC/Public Surplus Partnership Meeting Slides



Konica Minolta – Brochure

Contact Info:
Liz Strahle –



Includes:  Alternators, Heater Motors & Switches, Lamps, Seat Covers & Foams, New Tires, Retreads and Bus Cameras.

CURRENT PRICE PERIOD:  March 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025
2024-25 Supply Pricing in Excel, 2024-25 Supply Pricing in PDF
2024-25 Camera Pricing in Excel


EPC/IGS Friends & Family Rate Program – Posted 6/5/24
EPC/IGS Friends & Family Rate – Savings History

Contact Ken Swink directly for any Utility Program questions