The EPC Benefit Plan started in 1983 with a health insurance pool.  We have grown into self funded plans for medical, dental and vision covering over 20,000 employees.  We also offer a group life insurance program and a voluntary life plan.

Over the years, the EPC Benefit Plan has become the most economically efficient way to provide a quality benefit plan for employees.  Through self funding we have reduced the administrative cost of insurance to the lowest possible level.  By offering in-house consultation services, we eliminate the need for broker and consultant fees.  Self funding also means that in good years, surplus premium stays with the Trust, not with an insurance company.  

The EPC plans also provide the most district flexibility at the lowest cost.  Specific plan design elements are negotiated at each district working within a general plan framework.

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EPC Benefit Office Services

The EPC Benefits Office provides many of the services of an insurance broker without additional fees.  We regularly meet with districts to review their benefit programs and to develop plan designs.  We make presentations to both sides of the table during negotiations to help districts develop the best plan for their financial needs. 

We keep the plans current with all Federal regulations such as HIPAA  and we provide seminars for districts in HR topics such as FMLA and COBRA.  We are here to assist in all elements of Benefit Plan administration from eligibility questions to claims.

The EPC Benefit Plan Trust

The EPC Benefit Plan is governed by a Trust agreement and a Board of Trustees elected by participating districts. 

COBRA Administration

The EPC provides COBRA administration for districts in the Benefit Plans.  At the time of a Qualifying Event, the district completes the change on our electronic online system and it is electronically sent to MyCobraPlan, our COBRA administrator. MyCobraPlan mails the initial notice, and all subsequent COBRA activity is handled between MyCobraPlan, the qualified beneficiary and the EPC.  MyCobraPlan also mails the COBRA and HIPAA notices to new employees.

Joining the EPC Benefit Plans

EPC member districts can request a rate quote for any or all of the benefit plans at any time. Please contact Doug Merkle at 937-890-3725.