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Food Service

  • We are anxious to share our new Foodservice Webpage.  This is currently in development.   Please check back on August 1, 2024.   

Foodservice Programs

EPC/OMERESA/Stark County ESC/Ohio School Council Food and Beverage Bid Program
SWEPC USDA Foods Program
EPC Foodservice Compliance Consulting Program
EPC Menu Program

EPC Foodservice Professional Training Program

EPC Financial Consulting Program

Used Foodservice Equipment Marketplace  (coming soon)

Training Partnership with Public School Works

Menu Planning Partnership with Healthy Pro

For School Districts:

2024-2025 EPC Food and Beverage Bid Results (coming soon)

 2024-25 Bakery Bid Results

2024 Dairy Bid Results 

2024  Cafe Essentials Bid Results 

2024 Produce Bid Results 

2024 Ice Cream Bid Results 

2024-2025 EPC Approved Equipment Purchasing Vendors

2024-2025 EPC Approved Equipment Service/Repair Vendors

Pre Food Bid  Bid Survey – Please complete this survey if you are interested in participating in the Foodservice Bids. You are not committed to making any purchases by completing this survey.  This is just to communicate your interest.  It’s FREE to join!

Board Resolution (Public Schools Only)   Public Schools will need to pass a board resolution to join Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council.  Send a copy of the approved board resolution to and keep a copy for your files.
Letter Requesting to Join  (Private Schools Only) Private Schools, with no school board, should submit a letter on school letterhead requesting to join the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council.  Please send a copy of the letter to and keep a copy for your files.

Foodservice Bid Calendar

For Potential Food Vendors:

   Contact to be added to the food bid email list.   Bids are normally sent out Feburary or March each year.  




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